Think of MetaSafari as both a platform and as a game. Our multi-chain approach affords us the space to nurture our multi-tribe projects into technologies that make sense for every separate Tribe or project.

One day soon, the disparate blockchains will merge and become what they were born to do: to transform the Human Experience.

Looking for Tribe-specific roadmaps?


Alt Saints

Alt Saints Endangered Animals NFT series was launched on 29 September 2021 on Solana using an array of customised scripts and MetaPlex’s Candy Machine.

We’re doing frequent NFT drops featuring a new endangered animal each time, using our custom code.


Dino X Dino

Launching soon, the Dino X Dino tribe will kick off with collectors being able to acquire strictly limited dinosaur eggs, ready to be hatched. Gods, Angels, Royals & Guardians.


Momo & Yeti

We all love Monsters and we all love ice-cream. Momo & Yeti are a series of gorgeous collectible Monsters, Mythical Creatures, and when the ice-creams melt? You’ll have to wait and see.


Community voting

As part of our commitment to community, we’d also love for our Community to decide which of our many other tribes are to come to life next.