Meet the family you wish you had. Momo & Yeti are a delicious family of monsters and mythical creatures, breaking the shackles of old family stories and traditions. They’re the rebellious matriarchs that reinventing themselves as they explore the universe and smash through the limitations placed upon them.

There’s a yummy twist: once their ice-creams melt, all manner of magic will be revealed.



Meet the Majestic Monster Matriarchs. They don’t just do marvellous; they are marvellous. They’re freeing themselves from the shackles of old family stories and reinventing themselves. 

Remember, your past doesn’t have to limit your future.



Launch ice-creams

What do Monsters and ice-creams have in common? We all love them — and you’ll really love these ice-creams


Release spell book

Monsters and Mythical Creatures without magic is like having … well, they’re magic so our NFT magic cards will contain all manner of spookiness.


Melting season

What Monster will you get? What magic do they already have?


The Storm

Someone new appears and if you thought Monsters and Mythical creatures could do magic, just wait until to see what she can do. Oh, she’s bringing a party with her.


Watch and listen.

Gorgeous stories across a range of topics, and a soundtrack that will have you grooving. Taking content to the next level, and NFT holders can earn a share of royalties.