The Dinosaur Hatchery is the second tribe to join MetaSafari.

The first phase of the Dino X Dino launch is the release of stunning limited edition eggs: Gods, Angels, Royals & Guardians.

Each of these categories has, let’s just say, Divine twists that will be revealed as the eggs begin to hatch.



Gods, Angels, Royals & Guardians.

Their role in the MetaSafari world is to help recreate the planet and protect Alt Saints’ endangered animals to support the environment and all living things.

Our Dinosaurs’ message is clear and direct: don’t let endangered animals, trees and insects become extinct.

But there’s a twist. In the beginning, all was good and was in balance, until some of the Gods and Angels fell from grace. 

Can we restore order and save the animals?



Launch collectors' eggs

Launch collectors’ eggs: Gods, Angels, Royals & Guardians.


Showcase secondary art

We’re working with some of the best artists from around the world. When hatched, we’re taking rarity to a new level: a handful of dinosaurs will have secondary art.


Reveal all traits

We’ll announce the multitude of traits, and some surprises.


Begin hatching

So you might have missed out on one of the 9 God eggs? Don’t worry – your egg may well contain a God or a God-upgrade diamond.


Issue Gems

Early adopters will be issued tradable NFT gems.


Reveal story

In the beginning, all was in balance. They were the Gods of Stories, the Gods of Fire, the Gods of Life, & the Gods of Death.  They represented the primordial powers that had helped form and maintain the Garden that Was.

In 2022, we begin revealing the real story.


Airdrop upgrades

The multi-layering begins – owners will be air-dropped some exciting new additions.


Gaming: MVP

The first version of our gameplay is launched. We’ll grow into a play to earn model where you can earn yield and have the chance to earn NFTs through monthly challenges.