We’re taking a different approach with Alt Saints: doing regular drops of specific endangered animal NFTs.

Using the Solana blockchain, we’ve adopted Metaplex’s Candy Machine and created multiple Candy Machine’s within Candy Machines using a custom array of scripts that create gorgeous colour combinations of these endangered animals.

By the end of 2021, we’ll revive our interactive endangered animals map.



Beasts, trees, bees & seas.

Alt Saints’ mission is to help save critically endangered animals from becoming extinct, and to help restore delicate environments.

Our Endangered Animal NFT series has been launched on the Solana Blockchain, the first part of our multi-chain ecosystem approach.



Static NFTs

The type we’re all collecting right now. We’re doing regular Endangered Animal NFT drops in strictly limited editions

We encourage you to hang onto them — you’ll see what we have planned for you in Phase 01.


Free upgrades

As a Phase 00 community member, you’ll get free upgrades for each endangered animal NFT you own, with excellent customization options.

Many of the customisations will be their own NFTs – so your NFT can own other NFTs and sell these NFT upgrades to others.


Fractionalize your NFT into parts

As your NFT library becomes more dynamic and richer in features, you can split your whole pool or individual NFTs into tradeable parts.


MetaSafari gaming platform

Explore, collect & rebuild in our MetaSafari where you play, earn, and stream your yield to your NFT library … and so much more.