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In Phase 0: Grab a rare endangered animal NFT and prepare for our MetaSafari where you can help save endangered animals.

For every animal NFT you own, you get a free upgrade to a multi-layered, multi-chain NFT, as soon as the network supports the framework. It’s our way of saying thank you to the first members of our Community.

Phase 0: Early collectors access limited endangered animal NFTs.

Phase 1: Get a free NFT upgrade for each NFT animal you own.

Phase 2: Your NFT can own and trade other NFTs and NFT objects.

NFTs owning NFTs? What is this sorcery?

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Explore, collect & rebuild the planet in our MetaSafari where you play, earn and stream your yield … and so much more.

1% from every transaction goes towards supporting organisations that are working to save endangered animals and our troubled ecosystems.

By owning an endangered animal, you can help save endangered animals.