MetaSafari exists to serve both People and the Planet: we’re a community-centered organization creating engaging purpose-driven web3 experiences, committed to improving all life on the planet.


MetaSafari NFT projects will live across blockchains, in preparation for chains to unify and do what they’re here to do: transform humanity.

As with the beginning of the publicly accessible Internet, blockchain is built on many powerful yet disparate systems. One day soon, these divergent chains will converge and become the platform for the most powerful technological and human experience yet, Web3.

This is not a new wave of technology, it’s a tidal wave.


We’re exploring worlds that exist within us, around us, and beyond us.

The Community called MetaSafari is dancing on the edge of a complete transformation of the Human Experience.


Real or imagined, tactile or sensed, we work across all mediums to create better realities. From blockchain collectibles aka NFTs, birthing meaningful characters, borrowing from the old to create new music, gorgeous animations and engaging gaming, our Roadmap is colourful and multidimensional.


Altering the perception of reality, engaging storytelling and embracing new technologies. MetaSafari, our brands and our community exist on The Edge of Reality.

We exist with you, for you and for the betterment of all living things.